The Piercing Truth of Transcendence

Aristotle has once brilliantly said, “We are what we do repeatedly.” So does that mean the vast majority of us are consumerist whores, selling our private, fragile souls to the corporations at large, so willingly handing over our already limited choices — choices made limited because of how we choose to live our lives — to others for the sake of remaining average, of remaining complacent, of remaining comfortable?

Being comfortable does not mean you are happy. And you know deep down inside that this is the resounding truth.

Yes, you may be comfortable knowing you have a soft, lumpy couch to come home to as you place your even softer and lumpier behind down for a few hours of your life in front of the television. You may be comfortable in a relationship which has long stagnated, where you no longer see the glimmer of love and appreciation and adoration in your partner’s eyes, nor your own, for that matter. You may be comfortable cruising by life on auto-pilot, but never realizing that you give up something to get something.

You give up a life of raw ambiguity but with ambiguity comes impassioned freedom. It is the freedom to be taken by the magnetic forces that are all around you and within you. It is the freedom to live in such radiance and honesty that yes, you cannot control life but rather than trying to control it, you let things happen as it were to occur. You twist, bend, shape, break, mend and mold your circumstances as much as you see fit that would ideally result in positive change in your life but you do it up until a certain point.

When you reach that point, if you ever reach it, you find yourself falling. Falling forward, on and on, further and further, deeper and deeper, until all that’s left is just you. Distinct silence envelopes you and you hear nothing but the piercing truth that is within you all along.

It is no surprise that my true nature has literally exploded out of its once confined, hard and unforgiving shell. I used to so badly want to fit in, to make everyone around me proud, to make my parents proud, to make my friends and colleagues proud. I tried fervently to make everyone around me happy but at the devastating cost that is my life and my own happiness.


No longer. And now, some will see such actions in my life as incredibly selfish. As outlandishly foolhardy. As severely wanting. As unforgivingly brash.

But you want to know something? In their eyes, I am such things. Reality is what we perceive.

And my reality now is one of courageous beauty, of a life freed in all aspects imaginable, a limitless pool of creative resources that I am finally tapping into.

I connect with others on such a deep and metaphysical level that I cannot even explain to you in such limiting words that is the English language.

There is entropy all around me, within me, under me, beyond me. There is a force greater than what I can even begin to fathom and comprehend with the capacity I have been enabled.

I am transcending everything I ever was and becoming a completely new person. It is possible to reinvent yourself if you so choose. I am doing this now and have done it in the past, year after year. The person you see today will not be the same person you see tomorrow, let alone the following month or year.

I want you to desperately feel and embrace the stunningly beautiful life that you can live, that you so deserve to have. But no, many of you who write to me have painful tears in your exhausted eyes and an unfulfilled, unsatisfied, unquenched desire deeply embedded in your broken heart with which you have long accepted as a natural recourse of life.

It is not natural to live a life of waste. To give up what you so inherently embody. You have unique traits and capabilities no one else in the world has. You have characteristics, mannerisms, subtle nuances, the way you say things, the way your body moves, the way your heart feels, the way your mind operates, that no one else in the world has.

We are able to connect with one another only because our traits, capabilities, characteristics, mannerisms, subtle nuances, the way we say things, the way our bodies move, the way our hearts feel and the way our minds operate seemingly transcend and overlap one another until nothing is certain except for the certainty that we are unsure of where you end and where I begin.

But is it uncertainty that we feel? That we don’t even know who we really are, let alone any other person in the entire world?


It is not uncertainty but a disconnect of who you truly are with what you are doing on a day-to-day basis.

Once you grasp that the self-evident reality of who you truly are is inside of you all along — you just need to tap into those creative reservoirs that are within — you will inevitably explode and be so drastically transformed that normal people will not recognize you any longer. YOU won’t even recognize you any longer.

This is a very good thing indeed. Embrace it. Use it. Embody it.


Farewell, Chicago!

As I head into different places in these defining moments in time, I’ll continue to explore the vast depths of the splintered and raw nature that is the human dynamic. The journey has just begun and I would love nothing more than for you to join me.

I’ll be in Seattle, Washington for a couple of nights, then to Santiago, Chile to visit my dear friend Ash Ambirge, for a week, and finally, off to Taiwan.

If you will be in Taipei, Taiwan anytime from February until late-May, please send me a note on or . Transcendence doesn’t occur just digitally. It’s physical as well.

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