Free eBook and Audio Book! Minimalist Freedom: The Powerful Manifesto to Creating Your Very Own Personal Freedom

You may have heard me speak about the topic of freedom more recently, especially when I danced my way out of the corporate chains into the sweet plains of freedom on November 30, 2010. Watch the short film I put together here.

What is Minimalist Freedom? And why the free eBook and audio book?

Minimalist Freedom Defined

Minimalist Freedom is a deliberate and conscious act of creating your very own personal freedom through whatever means necessary that will take you to where you need in order to be free.

This manifesto is free and though I easily could have charged for this (I’m also including a free mp3 audio recording of me reading the eBook, so you can listen to this while in your car, cooking, running, etc.), I’m giving it away to everyone in the world because freedom is a message I want as many people to hear about as possible.

Download your free copy of Minimalist Freedom (85-page PDF and 1.5 hour mp3 audio recording) here:

The fact is, I used to be one of the walking dead. Whether or not I was chained to the corporate structure is just one way I did not experience freedom in my life.

You may not work in a standard 9-to-5 but perhaps you have struggles with over demanding parents who want nothing more than to see their son/daughter go to Engineering school when you really would like to go to a film school academy. Or maybe you’re working in a warehouse or factory and you don’t have that cushy office job and have to churn out hundreds of widgets every day, being as insanely productive as possible for the cause of the organization you work for but not for the cause of the most important mission in your life: you. Or maybe you have been so bogged down and suffocated underneath an enormous amount of junk in your home and life and you are the slave of your possessions.

The intertwining theme underlying all of these scenarios is the lack of freedom. That is it.

How can you help?

Since this manifesto is completely free, the only thing I ask is you:

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The time is now. Make 2011 your best year ever by being free.

Thanks for your support and for helping to share the message of Minimalist Freedom to the world!