6 Reasons to Subscribe

Castles in the Air aims to deliver high-impact, killer content regarding the myriad benefits and aspects of a minimalist life as well as being your own person rather than conforming to society’s expectations.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, no problem. Castles in the Air is not for everyone. Just like minimalism is not for everyone.

However, here are 6 reasons to subscribe today:

1. High-quality content. New, informative, valuable and thought-provoking articles are published 2-3 times a week, so you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality content and don’t have to wait an entire week in order to get it.

2. I practice what I preach. Rest assured that what you read is what I, the blogger behind Castles in the Air, practice. No one wants to be deceived by a person claiming to be an expert minimalist but then finds out that person is the first in line for mega sales at the malls, Walmart and Costco.

3. I deliver. When I say something is going to get done, that is my word. And if something changes? I’m upfront and honest about it. This is how I live my life. This blog is no different.

4. Be the first to know when new products launches. You’ll get the latest and most current updates as to when new e-books, books,  manifestos and products will launch, as I oftentimes slip the news into the articles that I write.

5. It can change your life. The writing here, that is. The written word is a powerful force. A person’s life is even more powerful. So when a person is presented with inspirational articles to push her/him to the edge, it can truly change the way s/he views things. Subsequently, one’s future can be altered in ways unimaginable. Yes, I’m saying my writing has that capacity. Cocky? No. More like confident.

6. It’s fun! It really is. We’ll have a blast together, I’m sure.

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