The Splintered Nature of the Human Dynamic

Unfettered dreams of our tender spirit move and stir deep within. She stands on the edge of the looming cliff, feeling the movement, and feels the incredible smallness reminiscent of a David in a world of Goliaths. She feels incredible despair. Yet she also feels the hope of a thousand wishes on the lips of small children the world over. But how is this made possible? Two sides of the same proverbial coin?

We are powerful beyond measure, a self-built citadel in the choppy storms of life and then we are weak and fragile as the wind-blown ashes left from a long-abandoned bonfire.

The human dynamic is a force beyond our finite human comprehension. Our minds can only understand so much. The rest is left up to open-ended questions, asked to oblivion, not knowing when, and if, there will ever be an answer.

We search for ourselves. We search for meaning. We search for fulfillment. We search for excitement. We search for pleasure.

For some, it is found through the life of a bold and ostracized leader of any prolific movements, minimalism and otherwise.

For others, it is found through the life of service, of giving to others and to the human kind what one can give and give and give, until there’s nothing left to give anymore: our lives.

And for yet some others, we still search. We search and wonder and come home bewildered, exhausted and left asking more questions than we left with.

Life is an abstraction and never a perfection. In the abstract, splintered pieces of the human spirit, we step back and see the beautiful masterpiece which is us all along.


I’ve been thinking deeply about the human dynamic for quite some time now and will be exploring this on Castles in the Air. Some call it lifestyle design. Others call it choices, decisions, responsibilities, commitments. Still others refer to it as relationships, communication, beliefs and doubts.

Regardless of what we call it, it’s the beautiful yet flawed nature of us as human beings that we are often most fascinated by. I know I am. Perhaps you are too?

My mind has been blown away by the epic proportions of the human potential. With amazing, memorable adventures in Chicago and spending New Year’s Eve with magnetic world-changers Colin Wright, Dusti Arab and Everett Bogue, another part of who I am was rapidly unleashed. It is true what they say when you join forces that seemingly are beyond you but yet are so fervently determined and bold to explore life to the utmost that you will change. Who we spend our limited time with is up to us and us alone.

So what’s next for Castles in the Air? What’s next for you? What’s next for me?

In all honesty, this blog is a platform to explicitly and publicly make known the explorations of us as a species. Minimalism is an aspect of our lives as a whole. To strictly limit all my creative efforts in one aspect of life would prove to be severely one-sided. I love minimalism as much as the next radical minimalist out there. But I also love the myriad and compelling components of life as a whole.

The human dynamic is supremely elegant and yet it is also hopelessly broken. As we begin the new year of 2011, may you hold in your hearts the desire to always ask yourselves and not of others what you want most from your life.


For a quick dose of inspiration on creating personal freedom, watch my short video here on She’s Next.

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