The Sensual Seduction of Simplicity

Warning: I’m throwing my writing style off the edge today and watching it fall slowly into the dark abyss. Which means: Don’t Read This If You Don’t Want to Be Turned On.

Your fingers glide across his arm, ever so gently, sending tender sensations throughout his entire body.

You slowly lift your gaze until you meet his piercing blue eyes, allowing the few moments of alluring eye contact to make its final mark upon his softening heart.

Leaning in, you kiss him on the lips, mouth slightly open, and let it linger for just a brief moment. You pause, awaiting his response. No words are ever uttered. It would be wasteful, disruptive. Only eye contact and the beauty of body language tells you that he wants more. He’s hooked.

You’ve seduced him.

The Alarmingly Attractive Allure

And that is how the simplicity and minimalist movement has seduced hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. A beautiful, sexy woman with silky, luscious hair, lips full and juicy, smoky eyes outlined in dark eye shadow, knowing full well what she’s doing but teasing you, ever so slightly, so that you keep on coming back for more. Desperate. Imperative. Urgently in need.

The allure is there. You see it. You feel it. You want it.

Simplicity Has Its Way

When she has her way — and oh, you can bet she’ll have her way — she will find her way to your heart, wrap her long, lean legs around it and beckon you to never let her go. And you won’t. How could you? She’s beautiful and stunning, all that you’ve ever wanted. All that you’ve ever dreamt of.

She will have her way. But more accurately, you let her have her way.

The Sensual Seduction of Simplicity

Simplicity and minimalism is incredibly sexy. You see us living freely, a modern day 21st century version of the 70s long-haired hippie, plus or minus the illicit drugs and all-night orgies.

We are attractive, charismatic, intelligent, courageous, and did I mention attractive?

You have Colin Wright. Baby blue eyes sharply and intently looking right at you, beckoning you into a deep and intriguing conversation about anything and everything while resting underneath a tall, shady plant in the sweltering heat of Bangkok, your salty sweat dripping down your flush cheeks. You want to talk about dragonfruit and oysters? Then we’ll talk about dragonfruit and oysters. He’s smart. He’s quick. He’s attractive.

You have Ashley Ambirge. Soft brown eyes gaze at you, arms intertwined, sharing a now near empty bottle of silky Pinot Noir, smoking a dense Cuban cigar while watching the bright moonlight shine above the calming, white sandy beach of Zapallar in Chile. She has a way of talking with you, as if you’re the only person that exists in the entire world. She’s sassy. She’s sarcastic. She’s attractive.

You have Everett Bogue. Gentle brown eyes beneath casual Indie-grunge hair, staring right at you, daring you to just do it. He’s the spontaneous, adventurous, free-spirited maverick you’ve always dreamily thought about. And now he’s standing next to you, on the rooftop looking at the Golden Gate Bridge illuminate in the far starry distance, whispering in your ear, “Let’s do it.” And so you do. You toss your TV over the edge and while it falls, so do the scales in front of your once-covered eyes. You look into the world with new vision now. And you see Everett. He’s radical. He’s a visionary. He’s attractive.

We Have What You Want

We have what you want. We have the intoxicating elixir that is the strong potion of freedom. We don’t need to seduce you consciously. But we seemingly seduce you by the way we unabashedly live our lives.

You’re intrigued. You want to know more. You want to meet us. You want to sit down, buy us a chilled bottle of Stella Artois or glass of fine Merlot and ask us questions. Maybe you want to hear the answers but maybe you just want to hear us speak, to hear our voices.

You want to know what it’s like to live like us. To be free. You want to BE us. But you know you cannot. You are you. And to BE us, you’d have to change who you are.

You don’t want to change. You hate change. But yet, the seduction is still there. She calls to you in a sweet, sensual voice from the other side of the bedroom door. Your palms are sweating now. Your eyes quickly flicker to the other door. Not because you’re nervous. But because you’ve long awaited this moment.

Are you going to do this? Now? You can leave, turn around and never look back.

Or, you can stand tall, wipe the sweat off, walk straight into the bedroom and sweep her off her feet.

You can own the moment. You can live the moment. Forever.

Simplicity and minimalism can be yours. She wants you to have her. Will you take her?


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