They Laid Off 28 Employees From My Company (or How Your Job Is Not Safe)

You were meant to do great things in this world. Go out there and start doing it. If you never take the risk and jump, you’ll never know what it means to fully live. To fully experience a life worth living for. Last month, I, along with everyone else, came into the office to find [...]

The Writer’s Way (or Winging It NaNoWriMo Style)

Believe in the infinite possibilities we have in this world. Believe in the infinite possibilities you have within yourself to make the change you’ve always wanted seen. Releasing all inhibitions, setting your fiery spirit free, telling your inner editor to pipe down and take a back seat for 30 days, I have officially signed up [...]

The Anti-Machiavellian Approach to Art, Work and Life

We need not adhere to a Machiavellian approach to art, work and life. It doesn’t matter if others employ such techniques in order to get by, to utilize and use others for their own personal gain. Forget about them. What about you? One may have heard of the adjective Machiavellian, used in the sense of [...]

The Ultimate Minimalist Health Guide

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Matt Madeiro of Three New Leaves, a writer, traveler and health geek. Matt talks about all three of these things in a way that inspires people to change their lives for the better. Does it always work? Please follow him on Twitter and let him know one way or [...]

Lessons from a Former Gatekeeper (and 3 Killer Strategies to Get Past One)

My first position out of college in 2006 was as a campus recruiter for Walgreens. Besides representing the company at career fairs, college/university events, recruiting events, and networking galas, I was also their acting gatekeeper. Simply put, I was paid to keep the bad apples from getting in. And let me tell you, they wanted [...]