9 Key Take-Aways From Minimalist Business By Everett Bogue

As I’m launching my own minimalist business, I’ve been reading an exorbitant amount of books, absorbing as much useful information as possible, and then putting said information into practice.

My goal for my own minimalist business is to create lasting art through my writing and artwork that will allow me to live sustainably and minimally. Castles in the Air is my platform that will allow me to do that.

As a minimalist, my expenses are kept at a very low level. Right now, my overhead is in the ballpark figure of $850/month, which includes rent in Chicago, transportation, food, and classes (karate and art classes). Therefore, I don’t need to be making $60K a year to keep up with an extravagant lifestyle. As long as my basic needs are covered, anything beyond that is a bonus.

In order to projectile myself cannonball-style to the next level, I recently read Everett Bogue’s ebook . You’ll notice this is the second review of mine for Everett’s work; the first one was for , which you can read my review here.

Everett is a 25 year old writer and blogger at Far Beyond the Stars, where he talks about how to live a minimal lifestyle and work anywhere.

Here are 9 key take-aways from Everett’s ebook:

1. “Some people don’t get it.”

Whereas some people get the idea of minimalism and how that applies to launching your own business online, others won’t and will resist it. We can try our best to teach what we know but it is up to the individual to actually understand the lessons taught.

2. “If the cost of doing business exceeds the profits from the work, you don’t have a business.”

This is the golden rule for all businesses.

A Quick Story:

Winter 2009, I was brought on board through a friend of mine to become an Amway Global Independent Business Owner. You may have heard of this business. You may actually be an IBO yourself. Some call the Amway opportunity a pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick model. I won’t go into those details here but end result was my expenses far exceeded any profits to be had.

And this was while I was still interviewing for jobs, had little money, and didn’t really know what I wanted to do (but I do now, yay!).

Once I realized Amway was not how I was going to sustain myself and pursue my dreams, I had to stop.

The best way for me to do business for myself is to work only for myself and not for someone else or to help a company get rich and achieve its goals. My goals are more important to me, not some company’s.

3. “Keep your overhead low.”

No need to fund your business with investors and partners. Just keep your expenses very low (a minimalist lifestyle helps tremendously).

4. “The most successful people work best when they’re not being managed.”

I don’t know about you but I hate being managed and in particular, completely loathe micromanaging. I’ve had way too many bosses who micromanaged the death out of me to last me more than a lifetime or two.

So when starting a minimalist business, managing myself will be at the bare minimum, probably none at all. I know myself and how I work; there’s no need to manage every single detail. It’s just a waste of time.

5. “If you don’t finish, you haven’t created anything. You’re just screwing around.”

Starting is very important to any endeavor. But finishing what you started is even more important.

If I only wrote half a book and never finished it, what good is that to my minimalist business? None at all. My message doesn’t reach anybody and it certainly won’t help produce any income being half done. Finish what you started but only what is actually worth starting in the first place.

6. “If you aren’t being compensated at an acceptable level for work that you hate doing, you shouldn’t be doing that work at all. End of story.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

7. “Small successes are still successes and should be broadcast as such.”

Having a blog is a great way for not only the blogger to share thoughts and ideas with his readers, but the readers can literally see and follow a transformation of the blogger over a period of time.

If you’ve been with Castles in the Air since its inception in April 2010 (with this dot org website launched on August 1), you’ll have noticed how my writing has evolved in just a few short months and how I made my decision to leave my day job to pursue what I love to do: writing and art. This is already a huge step and I’m glad you’re here to join me on this wonderful transformative experience. How fun!

8. “Making plans for failure generally leads to failure.”

By having no back up plan, the only plan is the original one: Plan A. No fall back plan or excessive preparation for the “what if’s.”

9. “[Don’t] work for less than you’re worth.”

Everett values his time right now at around $100/hour. His goal is to get that to $500/hour. Ambitious? Yes. Possible? Absolutely.

Right now at my corporate day job churning numbers and being fed like a pig in a caged pen ambling towards my trough (every 2 weeks) to get my fill (my paycheck), I take home $15.62/hour. Sounds like a lot to some, and to most, it’s a pretty comfy situation to be in. But it’s not satisfying within. Our life is passing by us, right at this very minute.

I have realized that I will only be truly happy when I work for myself, doing the work that I love to do. Soon, very soon … with the help of and the intense focus of living life the way I want to live life.

So … ?

I found a great resource if you are looking to leave your day job to start your own business and/or if you want to know how to live and work anywhere.

However, if you are satisfied with where you are currently at, by all means, this probably will not be something you’d be interested in reading … and that’s okay! Every book I read sometimes applies to where I’m at in life, but most don’t … though will help me get to where I want to be.

The reason why is because in order to change the way we think and view the world, we must read that which has opposing views, has different philosophies, and offer counterintuitive tips on life, productivity, work, and business. From there, our minds can be opened to new possibilities … opportunities we may very well have passed up if we did not just open our eyes.

Speaking of opening up our minds to new viewpoints, counterintuitive tips, and lifestyles, my new ebook The Radical Minimalist: Taking Your Thinking and Lifestyle to the Extreme! will be launching right here on 10.10.10!

If you decide to purchase by clicking on any of the affiliate links in this post, half the sale will go to me and the other half to Everett, both supporting independent writers/artists. I hope you choose to invest in your own minimalist business.

If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share with others! I appreciate it. Subscribe to the and follow me on and . Did you know that Castles in the Air has its own Facebook page now? . Thanks my friends, and see you next time!

  • Paige of Redefining Wealth

    This book looks great. I love the idea of minimalist businesses and making just enough to live comfortably. What is it with most businesses and their need to constantly earn bigger profits each and every quarter? Why is simply having enough not satisfying to most people? I personally believe that the whole growth economy is in it’s last days and self sufficient businesses by individuals will be where it’s at going forward! nnI can’t wait for your e-book to come out! Very exciting!

  • https://castlesintheair.org Nina | Castles in the Air

    I know, right? The need to always grow, grow, grow without a true reason why we need to grow (i.e., make more money) can’t sustain itself for long. nnI see so many folks nowadays starting their own businesses, whether it’s online or brick and mortar. Either way, at least then they can manage their growth, the direction they want for their business, and the true purpose of having it in the first place. Is it simply to make money? If so, the lack of passion will be obvious. I hope people will find that chasing the dollar (or any other currency) will only cause heartache in the long run.

  • http://nythoh.free.fr nythoh

    Another useless comment, but just to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog and your extremely rich writtings. It is very inspiring to me, and I just LOVE the way you think and (the most important) act. Because you say what you do, and do what you say. You wanted to quit your job? So you’ve done it, it is that simple. No excuse, nothing else. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, so I’m extremely impulsive sometimes and I can recognize myself through your acts, even if I know that yours were much more thoughtful.nnAs for me, I started to minimalize 2 years ago, when I took a year off for round trip through Africa and Asia. It was also a one way ticket, I never wanted to come back home, so I had to “spiritualy” separate myself from stuff and everything I was stick on. But as a young student and without much money, I had to come back and live a plain normal life to earn some money, and maybe one day, continue my journey. I’m only 22, going to my 23 but I know minimalism is the perfect way to start my life.nnI’m too asian, from chinese descent, but I was born and live in France (so sorry for my english). Here we don’t have this minimalism movement and entrepreneurship is very seldom, but I hope someday, people here and anywhere will realize that there is another way of living, giving more freedom and more “sustainable” for this planet. What about a french translation of your coming ebook?!nnI read somewhere that you will be moving maybe definitely in Taiwan, I wish you joy, hapiness and success in this other new life. I know what’s the meaning of “moving” so I support you 100%! I hope I can cross your way someday. Can’t wait for your ebook too! u52a0u6cb9u5427uff01uff01

  • https://castlesintheair.org Nina | Castles in the Air

    Why thank you so much! u8c22u8c22u4f60uff01nnMinimalism is a GREAT way to start a new beginning in one’s life. The whole essence of it (eliminating the non-essentials so what you are left with are the essentials) practically sets up the stage for anything that you want or dream about. You can, very literally, do anything once you don’t have the restraint of material belongings weighing you down.nnIt’s quite doable, as I talk a lot about how that can be done right here at Castles in the Air, and it is also manageable and sustainable. You can be the first one in France to lead a movement! nnAnyway, thank you again for letting me know that my writing has inspired you. This really is what it’s all about. Sharing the love, and helping one another. Yay!

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