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Minimalist Wardrobe: Limit Your Clothes

I know, did I just say limit your clothes? As in, the opposite of what lots of people do who go to the malls and retail stores and shops for clothes, even if they don’t need it?

Yes, yes I did. A minimalist wardrobe is an easy wardrobe to maintain. How do I know? Take a look at this picture:

And yet how do I still manage to go to work without someone possibly noticing that I wear the same shirts/tops and pants each week? (Maybe they do but don’t say anything. That’s okay, because I really don’t care.) It’s because the shirts (and the rest of my clothes) are clean, of good quality, and most importantly, I am confident (... read more)

The Story of How It All Began: My Path to Minimalism

All things were ready for us at our birth; it is we that have made everything difficult for ourselves, through our disdain for what is easy. – Seneca

I’ve been asked by many people how I begun my minimalist life. I’ve also been asked how did I do it?

My hope is by reading this blog, you will be provided with practical, insightful tips and lessons on changing the way we think through minimalism.

Here is my story.

In the summer of 2008, I felt the need to start ridding myself of my huge mound of DVDs, CDs, books, and college textbooks that I no longer watched, listened to, or read. It didn’t appeal to me anymore, where once it (... read more)

Why I Don’t Own a TV

When someone asks me if I saw the latest episode of House or a sports game or some reality show, and my response is always, “I don’t own a TV or watch it,” they always do a double take and exclaim, “What?!”

Because frankly, not owning a TV or watching TV is not the norm. Yes, this makes me weird. Yes, I can’t partake in conversations about anything that’s going on in TV. BUT, I do have an awesome time doing what I love using that same time that could’ve gone to mindless channel flipping.

I’ve been asked, “Don’t you get bored?? What do you do?”

What do I not do, is the question! There are so many new things to try out, (... read more)

Minimalist Car: What’s In Your Glove Compartment?

Do you find yourself having a difficult time shutting your glove compartment in your car every time you open it, making you open it less and less, and finally, declaring whatever is in there as a lost cause?

Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be this way. You can have a clean car, you just have to start clearing the stuff out, one space and crevice at a time.

So, what’s in your glove compartment?

Things I’ve found in my glove compartment in the past: Canned drinks Snack/fruit bars Meal bars Mini bags of nuts Gum Tissues Napkins from various food establishments Receipts CDs Parking permits and passes Keys Car manual and guides that came with my purchase Auto insurance card Pen Paper

As you can see, that’s a lot of things to pack in such a (... read more)

Style Is Not Just For The Fashionable

Great styles isn’t just about looking good and wearing the right clothes. It’s about living a complete lifestyle. – Brett Fahlgren, GQ Magazine

When people tell others they have style or when magazine titles shout “Look Stylish For Less!”, we automatically assume style is for the fashionable. It is meant to describe the clothes we wear and the accessories we have.

Another facet of style I’d like to add is one’s persona, that is, their aura and presence of which they carry themselves. This is certainly not a new concept but could perhaps be one that is more often than not overlooked.

This is where real style is apparent, since you can’t fake who you are … (... read more)