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Welcome to the New Castles in the Air!

You are here, you are totally here!

Welcome, folks, to the new and improved Castles in the Air blog! I am so excited to have you stop by. Thanks again to the brilliant Ivan Lo for his work on the site!

A few things have changed but you can still expect the same great, and oftentimes, thought-provoking articles.

The things that have changed

There are now 5 Categories instead of the 9 I had, therefore, streamlining more of the articles into a more minimalist, simple approach:

Health Lifestyle Design Minimalism Other Work

Take some time to browse through these categories and acquaint yourselves with some of the topics discussed. You’ll find that my writing is infused with my personality, my takes on life, lifestyle design, minimalism, (... read more)

Launch It Now! Launch on August 1!

After almost 4 months of Castles in the Air blog launch, we have a new site built and launching this Sunday, August 1!

I love Seth Godin’s 2-word biography of himself: Seth ships.

It epitomizes the ability to get the product/idea/writing out there without fussing over minute details that would inevitably delay the launch of such product/idea/writing.

It doesn’t mean, however, that we are careless about what we do and just churn out crappy product after crappy product. No one likes crappy products. And if it’s with a website, blog, product, book, or the like, people have infinitesimal choices out there to choose from.

Crap will differentiate you, sure. But not in the way you’d like.

Therefore, I could’ve waited another couple of months to (... read more)

We’ve Locked the Cat Out, Now What?!

“We’ve locked the cat out of the apartment and have to wait for the janitor to let her back in!”

And thus begun a delightful afternoon in Edgewater with the super freakin’ cool awesome (did I mention they were awesome?) threesome, Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle, Andi Norris of Instigationology, and Ashley Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project. I also got to meet wonderful online marketing strategist and social media expert Matt Chevy of Life Without Pants. Lucky me!! :)

The threesome have 19 days left of their coast-to-coast tour from East to West of Way Below Status Quo, meeting bloggers, readers, fans, and fellow enthusiasts of a life without rules and barriers. And they (... read more)

Coupons: Worth It or Not?

You may have come across a few blog posts or articles that talk about the case for or against coupons. Some articles in favor of clipping coupons include:

ABC News: Easy Coupon Clipping Plan Can Save You Big The Simple Dollar: The One Month Coupon Strategy: A Really Clever Way to Make Coupons Worthwhile How to Save Your Nest Egg By Using Grocery Coupons

And then there are articles that deem it an unproductive use of our already limited time:

My 168 Hours Blog: Is clipping coupons worth the effort? AOL News: Opinion: Are Coupons Worth the Effort? The Frugal Law Student: Are Coupons Worth Your Time?

One key point I’ve gleaned out of reading different opinions on the case for/against coupons is this:

Clipping coupons may help you save (... read more)

The Art of the Start

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. – Thomas A. Edison

What if you had a lot of money? Like a ridiculous amount? Would that make you happy? Would it complete your life? The yin that goes with your yang?

Or how about time? What if you had loads of free time to pursue whatever it is you want to pursue? Infinite time to wander around, lay on the ground, travel, write a book, whatever! Would that make you happy?

Wait, how about education? What if you had additional degrees, advanced degrees, certifications, specializations, and anything official-sounding? Would that make you happy?

If you said yes to any or all of (... read more)