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The Ultimate Minimalist Health Guide

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Matt Madeiro of Three New Leaves, a writer, traveler, and health geek. Matt talks about all three of these things in a way that inspires people to change their lives for the better. Does it always work? Please follow him on Twitter and let him know one way or the other!]

Minimalism is mindfulness.

Mindfulness of who you are, and mindfulness of what you need — the simple desire to think about what’s important to you and work to incorporate that into your life. That’s the main appeal of the approach, I think, and why we’re seeing those core ideas spread to so many different aspects of life.

Like health! But strong, healthy living, ladies and gents, (... read more)

9 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy When You’re Stuck in an Office Job

These days, companies at their offices are exploring and launching various employee health and wellness programs, from corporate-sponsored races, softball and volleyball leagues, to weight-loss contests and participation in national programs such as Shape Up the Nation. It is obvious that for most people, they do want to be healthy, do want to change their bodies for the better, do want to lose weight and tone up.

But when a coworker’s birthday rolls around, someone has a work anniversary celebration, someone’s getting engaged, married, or starting a family, there inevitably are the cursory cupcakes, cake, cookies, ice cream, muffins, donuts, candy, and other oh-so-bad-for-you treats. Curse them all!!

How does one stay fit and healthy when you’re stuck in an (... read more)

Black Belt Is Just the Beginning

Becoming a Black belt is not a destination, a completion of one’s training; it’s a journey of continual learning and training of one’s mind, body, and spirit. Once the student feels he has nothing else to learn, then he will, in fact, learn nothing, and thus, never grow to fulfill his very potential.

Becoming a Black belt is not the end-all-be-all. It is just the beginning.

I first begun my martial arts training in Shotokan Karate in June 2006. Finishing up my undergraduate studies, and a couple of months before I was to begin my first corporate professional position at (... read more)

Is Barefoot Running Really That Strange?

I first mentioned barefoot running in my post The Shocking Truth About Running and how what we’ve long believed to be the “right” way to run, i.e., wearing well-cushioned running shoes, is actually quite debatable with opposing scientific research, real-life examples, and the unveiling of what it all boils down to–money. Read my post for further shocking truths.

Barefoot running is catching on–and fast. That includes running in Vibrams, which mimic barefoot running without having to go completely barefoot.

On Thursday, May 27, I completed my first race of the year, a 3.5 mile run in Grant Park, Chicago (JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge), running in my awesome Vibram FiveFingers. With nearly 20,000 participants, I certainly did not get the opportunity to see (... read more)

How to Be Flexible

Many people have asked me how I am so flexible. That, or they comment on how stretchy I am and have beautiful kicks. These comments often result in me blushing and not knowing how to respond, except for a simple thank you. But seriously, how does one become flexible, even as an adult?? That is the magic question.

Myth: You stop becoming flexible when you’re an adult.

Fact: You stop becoming flexible when you’re an adult only if you don’t work on it.

So let’s get started on ways for you to start becoming more flexible. You may not be able to whip out a head height spinning jump hook kick but seriously, why would you? Unless you wanted to make (... read more)