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By first limiting what you need to have in order to survive, you realize you actually don’t need much at all. – Nina Yau, The Radical Minimalist

So, you’ve told yourself you want to live a more minimalist life.

You have your areas of attack all planned out. You’re going to start with your closet, sorting through and eliminating all those raggedy clothes, shoes, and everything else you don’t wear.

But then, you freeze. You get caught up in your busy schedule. You somehow can’t find the time.

“Oh, I’ll just get to that next weekend,” you say to yourself, making a promise you know you won’t keep.

And so then next weekend becomes next month. Then another month passes. And before you know it, a whole year has gone by and your closet is still untouched. Your life is still unchanged.

What happened to your so-called minimalist life?

It Begins With the Mindset.

Minimalism is no more challenging than quitting smoking.

Both are a conscious and voluntary escape from the reality that consumerism (and smoking) is killing us, slowly but surely.

That is why you must WANT to purge your excess clutter. It is not because of some fad, a passing trend that’s only gaining momentum due to a response from the recession.

A minimalist revolution begun thousands of years ago.

And this is just the 21st century’s response to an overwhelming state of affairs we are engaged in.

This is one of the reasons why I created Inspirations from The Radical Minimalist. It’s a free companion eBook to the full book The Radical Minimalist.

It gleans the best of the best from a powerful and provocative book that challenges not just your lifestyle choices but your thinking as well.

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Stop by Tuesday, Nov. 30 to celebrate the day I walk away from the corporate life once and for all. I’ll have a short film that will make you laugh, cry, and be so determined all at the same time. Yeah. It’s that good. See you then!