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If you have no alternatives, if you burn all the bridges, then you will have no choice but to make this new path work. – Colin Wright on what it means to go all in (no half-assing here)

Colin Wright is a wonderful chap. I’ve had the fun privilege of meeting him, Andi Norris, and Ashley Ambirge during their Way Below Status Quo road trip across the country, when they came through Chicago in July. The meet up, along with runaway cats and chocolate smoothies, is recounted here.

Colin is the brilliant entrepreneurial mind behind several different online forces, such as his main blog Exile Lifestyle, Flashpack Co, ebooklingMost Interesting People In the Room, and Colin Is My Name.

Colin is also one stealth designer and branding expert. Websites, webpages, logos, business cards, T-shirts, you name it, he most likely can design it. He’s that superhuman. :)

Oh, and Colin is designing a new shirt every single day in his line called I Have No Shirt. EVERY SINGLE DAY? Yes, every single day. Because he’s cool like that.

I wear one of Colin’s shirts called Overpacked and have done karate kicks and ninja moves in them. It works well. You can see a picture of me doing a side kick on Montrose Beach in Chicago wearing the Overpacked shirt here.

Colin’s Take on Extreme Minimalism

If you’ve read my new ebook The Radical Minimalist, you will have read Colin’s take on extreme minimalism. You see, Colin’s also a radical minimalist. Everything he owns can be carried on him without breaking a sweat. This works well when traveling all across the world, as one can imagine.

Can you picture a world traveler breathlessly lugging around two aluminum-cased 60-lb. rolling suitcases with him, a bursting fanny pack around his waist and 25-lb. backpack on his back, sweating underneath a big, floppy hat and oversized sunglasses? It’s just not feasible and certainly would cause more headaches than not.

It’s About Time …

So, with that, I thought to myself, “Isn’t it about time I interview Colin so that the readers here at Castles in the Air also know how cool he is (if they didn’t already)?” The answer was yes, it’s about time.

In this video interview of Colin Wright, which he filmed while currently living in Bangkok, Thailand, I had sent him some questions which he so kindly answered. Such questions include:

  • How he came up with the idea of traveling to a new country every 4 months as voted on by his readers
  • Where he feels most at home
  • What his take on those folks who tell him to be realistic, cut his nappy hair off and get a “real” job
  • What he does to people when all they want to do is argue in a non-constructive manner (equivalent of telling “Yo’ Mama” jokes)
  • The 3 things that sets people apart from thinking about doing something to actually doing it
  • What minimalism means to him
  • And much more


Thanks for your time, Colin!!

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Join the Exile Lifestyle conversation by visiting Colin’s blog today. He’s a remarkable fellow doing remarkable things. I hope everyone can say the same for themselves, country hopping or otherwise.

  • Colin Wright

    Wow, that’s one heck of an intro, Nina!Thanks so much for asking me to do this, I had a blast answering your questions and it’s great to see it all come together.Also: I have a friend staying with me in Bangkok right now and as the interview was playing back, she yelled from the other room ‘Did you just tell people to burn down their boss’ house?!’ Oh yeah, I love the internet.Keep up the good work, lady, and I’ll see you when I’m back in the States for the holidays!

  • Joel Runyon | [BIT]

    Colin is awesome :) I think you forgot to include a short blurb about how cool is hair is though…

  • Nina Yau

    His hair speaks for itself, wouldn’t you say? :P

  • Nina Yau

    Likewise, Colin! That’s awesome, the power of the Internet. :D Thanks again for a kick ass video interview, and see you when you’re back in the States!

  • Diggy

    Very cool video Colin, don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak so it definitely gives a different impression than just reading your tweets:)nnLet me know if you ever come to South Africa!nCheersnDiggy

  • karen

    that was an excellent video. very informative and motivational. can’t wait to check out Colin’s blog! it’s lovely to see what a true free spirit can make out of his one precious life.

  • The Living Space

    As always, excellent reading!

  • Colin Wright

    Thanks Diggy!nnSouth Africa is definitely on my list of places to go in the near-future, voting or not, so I’ll be sure to drop you a line when I head to your neck of the woods.

  • Colin Wright

    Can’t wait to see you over there, Karen :)nnIf you’re a fan of what Nina’s up to I’m sure we’ll get along (because I am too!)

  • Anonymous

    NICE BEARD, homes. nnAs always, eloquently stated. :)

  • Simplehumble610

    A very easy on the eye cross between Matt Damon, (voice-wise) and Tom Cruise (charm-wise)…something about burning down the bosses’ house…but who was listening??!! nnI kid! I kid! Marvelous stuff! nnAn informative plunge into radical minimalism that really works. I shall also be trooping over to your blog, although I have lurked there before…time to re- lurk.

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