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Lessons from a Former Gatekeeper (and 3 Killer Strategies to Get Past One)

My first position out of college in 2006 was as a campus recruiter for Walgreens. Besides representing the company at career fairs, college/university events, recruiting events, and networking galas, I was also their acting gatekeeper. Simply put, I was paid to keep the bad apples from getting in. And let me tell you, they wanted [...]

New eBook! The Radical Minimalist: From Regular to Radical, 47 Ways to Take Your Life to the Edge

This is your life. Live it the way you see fit. There comes a time in your life when your stuff just overwhelms you. There’s also a time in your life when your life overwhelms you. Whether it’s your current lifestyle or school of thought that is not allowing your true potential to shine, let [...]

Finding Inner Harmony: 5 Starbursts of Minimalist Zen Wisdom

What you have been given from this world is what you’ve always needed. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Zen philosophy encompasses so much more than the traditional simple Japanese décor, minimalist furniture and spatial arrangements, and a rock and sand/gravel garden. The Zen philosophy in regard to minimalism allows for a cure to the disease [...]

Finding Inner Harmony: The Tranquility of Zen

Tranquility comes from removing the erroneous but as to not dilute the beauty and harmony that remains. Rather, it illuminates it. You may not practice Zen Buddhism but you may have or practice Zen-like qualities that produce feelings of complete calmness, stillness and tranquility in your life. Perhaps this is through clearing out your closet. [...]

Finding Inner Harmony: The Self-Evident Reality of Minimalism

Minimalism is not about deprivation or discomfort. Rather, it is about bringing to light nature’s inner essence through grasping the self-evident reality that all we ever need in this world, we already have. When one thinks of minimalism, what comes to mind? Is it an empty, white room with nothing in it at all, much [...]