The continual search for meaning in life, one’s real purpose, the essence of Truth itself, will hardly end anytime soon. Before our lives come to an end, let us ask the pertinent question that has the incredible power to fundamentally shift what we have believed to be true and real all our lives: What is Truth?

No matter where you are in life, where you come from, what you’ve experienced, who you are and who you shall become, please understand that you are beautiful and amazingly precious. It is my fervent hope that even just one essay here shall resonate with you and cause your heart to tremble. Please read this letter, and perhaps you will understand what I mean.


About the Author

Nina Yau left her corporate career in 2010 to travel, write, and study yoga. As a certified yoga teacher, Nina has taught classes in India and the US. Her essays at www.castlesintheair.org have attracted a wide and diverse international audience. She currently lives and works in Chicago.