Existence for its own sake

Refuse the appeal to always be productive and efficient, to seem productive and efficient. For what is time but the thousands of brilliant sun sets and sun rises that pass before our eyes? Life, in the physical realm, is ephemeral. But our spirit and soul resides deep within the Universe, its grandness existing for its own sake, not that of our expectations and wanting.

Manmade things, including the concept of time itself, shall always exist, so long as our mind can wrap itself around the thought that infinity is real, that longevity of the absolute Life has always been around. Our thoughts, they make up who we believe ourselves to be. Adopting a poverty mentality of “there’s never enough time” shall be your striking blow to the greatness of your life, while adopting an abundance mentality of “there’s so much in this world, including time” shall grant you the gift of eternal joy that is pure existence. Celebrate the life you have, no matter how many years, months, weeks, days or hours may be left.

One day, to some, may be the longest day of their life, perhaps experiencing painful loss or an exhausting day of work they don’t enjoy nor love. One day, to others, may be the sweetest, most beautiful one ever, perhaps slowly savoring the stupendous nature and genius of the world all around us, the magnificent love we are able to give and receive all the while. Our perceptions and attitudes matter when it comes to living life to one’s fullest. What is full to some is stark barren and empty to others. So practice patience, compassion and love when it comes to your own life.

Only to the extent that we fully comprehend time is nothing but a finite box we’ve built, can we begin to step outside this box and really start to live in the way we were intended to.