In the end

To seek the accumulation of material wealth and things and matter and to allow that to define the value of your physical existence, if you can even pinpoint an actual quantifiable value on your spirit’s existence, that is one of the ways to remain in the most physical, or gross, level of human existence. In order to transcend the gross realm and into the subtler realms of higher consciousness, realize that the substance of the universe isn’t actually matter but, rather, consciousness. It is our behavior that ought to warrant our attention and meticulous speculation upon, not how many assets and things we can get our hands on.

The thoughts in our mind, that creates our reality. If enough people believe that flying on airplanes are extremely dangerous, then airplane flying would be warranted as a dangerous activity. Our minds would then look for clues, examples, stories, close calls or catastrophes to justify this reasoning, which is actually, at its most simple level, just a thought. A thought or idea that is thought up by one person, and then another, and then another, soon becomes mass belief, or as I’d like to see it when the situation is appropriate, mass hypnosis.

We don’t shout fanatically every night when the moon rises or when the sky becomes dark in order to convince people that evening is upon us because the earth has rotated and that is because everyone believes it to be so when day becomes night. Is this just mass belief, or mass hypnosis?

What about the asinine or irrelevant idea of the ‘perfect’ life? What is perfect, anyway? Isn’t perfect merely a subjective thought, rather than an objective absolute or meaning? The fact that we have a dualistic way of viewing things, our perspectives, the way we go about our lives, etc., means we are not in union with our higher consciousness. When there is an object and a subject, there can never be a ‘one’. That ‘one’ that was intended to never break has now been divided into two and, therefore, is already apart from its authentic wholeness.

This is — in Zen philosophy, the martial arts, yoga, meditation, and similar deep inward journeys these vehicles of self-exploration takes us on — what we have been trying to understand all along. It isn’t about how different can I be from others, how to stand apart, how to be noticed, how to not blend in, etc. Who cares about the others at this point? If you are divided within yourself, how do you ever expect to have union with another human being? Address the self first, then proceed from there. Inner to outer, not outer to inner, which is a common fallacy and trap of those who are stuck in the physical realm tend to fall into.

Like physical exercise, it won’t really matter if you spend two hours at the gym everyday working on the external physique when the rest of the time you are destroying your inside body by smoking or eating and drinking poorly. It just won’t matter because the attention is not focused on what is truly more vital. Take care to attend your vital needs, and that is of sustainment, health, longevity, life. Not simply doing another fad workout or diet plan that promises to give you a stealth six-pack abdomen or killer arms. The plethora of quick fixes are out there for those who want it but be leery of anything that promises anything. There are no promises except for the ones we believe into, including the things we tell ourselves.

When we are dominated by our senses — and the senses are merely a part of what constitutes ourselves, not the whole — we are living trapped underneath the reactionary pattern of life that is the common day-to-day. Every day is filled with reactions to events that have just occurred a split second ago. We are simply reacting to things in the past, even if it just happened. And what is the past? What is the future? The present holds all, the past and the future. We cannot know anything of what will happen before it has happened; all theories are exactly that: theories. They are simply hypotheses to predict a likely outcome of a certain occurrence, should it even occur, that is.

Our reactions to events, people and things, we really ought to realize the lasting effects of such reactionary responses and how it manifests itself, ever so minutely, ever so subtly, into our immediate future. The driver that cuts you off in traffic, you become so enraged at that you end up cutting someone else off. Thus, the cycle has begun.

In the end, do we really know if anything is true? In the end, do we really know anything at all, all the things we claim we think we know or expect to be real or true? In the end, who really knows anything at all?

All I’m trying to find out is, what is real, what is true, and how to be my own truth. Sure, there are a million other things I want to find out, like if unicorns actually exist (many of my friends would say yes, so there you have it), if the guy sitting next to me on the train is actually an alien disguised in a human body (debatable, but what’s really to debate? it’s a yes or no question, really), who I was in my past life or lives and who I will be in future lives if reincarnation of spirits is true, and what other worlds are out there, if there are any (which I believe has to be case. how ego-centric of us to think we are the only ones that exist? silly humans). Alas, the questions abound and the answers are few, if any. I suppose that’s what’s fun (and frustrating) about life. We get to ask these questions and then go about seeing if there are any answers. Sometimes, all the fun lies in thinking of those questions that mill about one’s head when laying in bed at night. It’s all pretty interesting if you ask me.